New Level 1 Muay Thai Class, Advanced muay thai and New time for Women’s Muay Thai

We have Just added 2 new Level 1 classes to the schedule. monday at 6:30pm and thursday 5:30pm.   Our new Level 1 class is designed to work on fundamentals and make you sweat! We will focus on stance, basic punches, kicks and combos. 

Along side the Level 1 classes on monday at 6:30pm and thursday 5:30pm. We will have an Advanced Muay Thai. This class will require some basic fundamentals to join in.This class will be be working fight concepts, advanced combos, sparring and conditioning. Gloves and Shin Pads will be required. 

Also, by popular demand. We have changed the Womens Muay Thai class to Monday and Wednesday at 4:30pm.