BJJ Tournament

Tournament Information


Registration fee only $25.00 before 2/4/19, $35 / after 2/4/19 (CLICK HERE TO REGISTER)

Spectators are free. Space is very limited. (Be considerate)

Weigh-ins: 8:30am (Kids) / 10am (Adults)

Tournament will be held at:

Rise Combat Sports 7131 e Tanque Verde Rd. Tucson, Az 85715

Please download waiver and return at weigh ins.  (CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD)

Tournament will begin promptly at 10am (starting with kids, youngest first)

Tournament Rules


Divisions and match length:

Pee Wee’s: 6yrs and under: 3min

Jrs.: 7-10yrs: 3min

Jr teen: 11-13yrs: 4min

Teen: 14-16yrs: 5min

Adult: 17yrs and over: 5min white, 6min blue

**If no one in division, with approval of coach, we will try to get you a match with someone as close to your weight and skill as possible.

Weight Divisions: 

Pee Wees, Jrs and Jr teen

60 lbs and below

61 lbs-70 lbs

71 lbs-80 lbs

81 lbs-90 lbs

91 lbs-100 lbs

101 lbs-120 lbs

120 lbs and above


100 lbs and under

101 lbs-115 lbs

116 lbs-125 lbs

126 lbs-135 lbs

136 lbs-145 lbs

145 lbs-155 lbs

155 lbs and above

Teens over 170 lbs will compete in the adult division

Adult division (male and female)

135 lbs and below

136 lbs-145 lbs

146 lbs-155 lbs

156 lbs-169 lbs

170 lbs-185 lbs

186 lbs-199 lbs

200 lbs and above



Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi/ Kimono. No Tae Kwon Do, Kung Fu, or other gi/ kimono’s allowed.


Rules Basics: ( We will be using IBJJF Rules and Scoring, with the exception of Advantages)

No heel hooks

No twisting knee locks

No straight ankle locks (Kids)

No knee bars (White Belts / Kids)

No toe holds

No reaping the knee

No neck cranks

No wrist locks

No placing hand over mouth

No tracheal choking

No bicep/calf slicers or compression locks

No slams

Minimum of three-finger grab


Points: (Points awarded after securing position for 3 seconds)

Takedown 2 points

Sweeps 2 points

Knee on belly 2 points

Passing guard 3 points

Mount 4 points

Back with both hooks 4 points

No advantages will be awarded